Listen to your body ... Listen to your soul...

Let your love grow in your heart, like a tree grows in the earth. This is your “Tree of Life”…


According to the tantra tradition, each one of us have seven energetic centers which work as connection points between the body and the conscience or between material and mind.


The Gong is one of the most ancient musical instruments in the world. Based on the ancient wisdom, cymbals vibrate in the same frequency as the body does, permitting it to get healed.


”Mantra” comes from the Sanskrit word man (mind) and the word tra (liberate). Therefore, it is about a vocal technique targeting to the liberation of mind. Mantras are …


Yoga was created in India targeting to connect the internal conscience with the general conscience through the physical activity…

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In our center we provide a gift card for your loved ones’. Choose from a great range of services, either in group or in private courses, massage, pilates reformer, diet etc. and give to whomever you want the chance to exercise himself, to get boosted and most of all to feel relaxed…!


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37 Konstantinoupoleos & Kanari, Moschato, Athens Greece

Phone: +30 211 1847492



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